First warning sign

IMG_4189It isn’t every day you are walking around  your house and spot drops of blood splatter on the floor.  It wasn’t much – but it did get my attention.  My initial reaction was to check myself to make sure I hadn’t accidentally cut myself while doing one of my many DIY projects.  Not a single cut on me.  I then gave the dogs a quick look.  At first glance they both seemed fine.  I hate to admit it, but it took me awhile to notice Josie was bleeding from her nose.  Not much, but enough to leave random drops all over my house. As disconcerting as it was, I figured maybe she had knocked her nose on something.  I decided to wait and see if it would get better on its own instead of rushing off to the emergency vet.

Her nose bleed continued off and on for a day or so.  Nothing bad – really just drops.  I decided to work from home that Monday to monitor it.  That morning, it started to pick up a bit more, and she started to sneeze a bit – which seemed to aggravate it.  So I called my vet.  Luckily, they could see us that afternoon.  Ironically, as soon as I got off the phone with them the bleeding stopped.

The vet gave her a quick look, including trying to shine a light up her nose to see if he could see anything (he didn’t).  He then mentioned there wasn’t much he could do and the most likely cause was something was irritated in her nasal passages which caused the bleeding.  His best guess was she sucked something up into her nasal cavity while sniffing around.  He even shared a story about a cat he used to know who had nose bleeds off and on for years and finally one day sneezed out a blade of grass.  He said there was no way to really see into the nasal passages, so the only thing they do is give some antibiotics to prevent infection and some tranquilizers to keep her calm and give whatever was irritated some time to heal.

For the next two days my dog was doped up on tranquilizers – all in hopes of healing whatever was causing the bleeding.

It was a while before more warning signs appeared.  But her nose would still bleed from time to time.  I’d spot drops here and there.  Nothing like that first time though.  I just disregarded it – after all, the vet said something was probably just stuck up there and there was nothing that could be done.

This was July 2014.

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