Between the time I decided to get a second opinion and actually getting that second opinion, I did more research. And by research, I mean I used Google.  A lot. Instead of looking for causes of congestion in dogs, I decided to put the nose bleeds and congestion together – and not just congestion, nasal congestion.  Perhaps these two things were related.  After all, why would the vet have inquired about the nose bleeds when I was there for congestion?

It didn’t take long to find the most likely culprit.  Nasal cancer.

All the symptoms lined up: nose bleeds, reverse sneezing, hard time breathing, congestion.  And everyone’s story matched hers: vet prescribes antibiotics, it gets better for a little while but comes back, so they repeat the process but it just doesn’t get better.

But there was hope for Josie.  It is rare.  It only accounts for one percent of cancer in dogs. So maybe, just maybe, this is like when WebMD tells you that you have cancer cause your ear is red.

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