The next step

Our new vet called to check on Josie on December 29th – just before the round of  antibiotics would run out. I was floored – my old vet would NEVER have done that. I gave her the good news/bad news – Josie sounded better, but the nosebleeds had come back and there was a lack of air flow on her right side. After a very short discussion, I let her know I had decided to proceed with the rhinoscopy. I needed to know what to expect. For me, not knowing was making things worse. She agreed it was probably the best option. I asked for some references and she provided a list of 5 or 6 vets to choose from. She only asked that I let her know which one I decided on so she could fax over all of Josie’s records.

I called each vet to ask for an estimate and time frame.  It varied greatly, and most were a bit rude to deal with. I settled on Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Speciality Center in Richmond, VA. It would make for a nice easy drive, plus I had some friends in the area I could visit while I waited for the procedure to be completed.

The upside was they had an opening in 3 business days.  The downside was those 3 days were a week away because of New Year’s. I had waited this long to know what was wrong with Josie, what was a couple extra days.

Her appointment was set – Tuesday, January 6th. Hopefully, soon, I’d have the answers I needed.

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