Sometimes biopsy results are not helpful

IMG_6107It was almost a week before the internal medicine vet called with the results of the biopsy. Her exact words were the results had her concerned. The MRI clearly shows something very aggressive. The biopsy results did not indicate cancer. She was unsure of the best next step and said she would have to consult with the oncologist to determine if we try again or if we try something different.

This started the most frustrating part of this whole ordeal – different specialists talking to each other independently, which would often take days. I would be given a fraction of the conversation, told a recommendation and sent on my way to the next specialist to talk to and hope they understood what I was saying and that they actually did discuss it with the other vets. I’m thinking, why can’t we all get in one room and “workshop” the problem? But I followed their leads.

The vet called back two days later with a recommendation. She talked to the oncologist, who agreed it did indeed look like cancer. She also talked to a surgeon about the possibility of doing a surgical biopsy. According to her, the surgeon would make a very small incision, about a quarter of an inch, on the top of Josie’s snout, partway between her nose and her eye. He would then remove a very small piece of the bone and use a needle to get a biopsy sample. The fear was if they repeated what she did before, it would come back with the same results.

I wasn’t too keen on the idea of putting Josie through surgery. But, I knew whatever treatment option I choose, knowing what we are fighting is better than not knowing and guessing. So I scheduled a consult with the surgeon. It didn’t hurt to at least investigate this option.

Meanwhile, Josie was getting worse again. It wasn’t because the tumor suddenly decided it was time to fight. It was because I was taking her off the one medicine that was helping. She needed as short a time as possible between medicines, and unfortunately, that time ended up being longer then it should have been.

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