The EcoDiesel

I’m a fan of trucks.  I’m a fan of diesel.  When Ram introduced the Ram 1500 with a 3.0L EcoDiesel engine, I knew it was only a matter of time before I got one.

In August I did just that.  I sold my F350 (with a 6.0L PSD) IMG_0883and my Jetta TDI (notice the diesel trend) and got myself a brand spanking new Ram with all the bells and whistles I never knew I wanted.  The folks at work know how much I love this truck.  I talked about it for weeks while I shopped around and bargained with dealers.  Once I got it (and to this day), I kept bragging about the excellent fuel mileage and all the features.  Truly awesome truck.  Love it.  Worth every penny.

I was late to work the morning I took Josie to the vet for congestion.  When I got in, one of my co-workers wanted to gauge how much I love my dogs so he asked if Josie rode in the bed of the truck or in the cab.  I informed him my dogs are inside the truck – the backseat is theirs.

His response: Wow.  You really love your dogs.

Without a doubt.

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