Getting the ball rolling again

Tuesday rolled around and Josie seemed to be doing better. I decided to work from home one more day just in case. After all, the last time I had left her alone I came home to a bloody mess. Plus, I’m incredibly blessed to work for a company that lets me work from home. It doesn’t hurt that my immediate co-workers are dog people and very understanding.


Josie had to keep an eye on the great outdoors.

The day went by without issue. We stayed up in the bedroom. Josie enjoyed watching the great outdoors from the comfort of the bed. As long as she remained calm, the bleeding remained a trickle. The hard part was when she wanted to eat or go outside. The sneezing and reverse sneezing would kick in. She didn’t let it stop her. Not even when it was breakfast or dinner time. She powered through – she was going to eat her food no matter what. A good sign for most dogs. She’d finish eating and look up at me all happy and excited for food – all I saw was the blood stained fur under her nose as it continued to trickle.

Things on the vet front started rolling again. The internal medicine vet got back in touch with me and suggested we put Josie on Piroxicam – an NSAID. She did say it might need to be compounded, and someone would be in touch with me about that. I had no idea what that meant. All I cared about was getting Josie on meds again. Turns out – it means they make it special for your dog. After talking a vet tech and the pharmacy, it would arrive the very next day (Wednesday).

That was the good news. The bad news was the internal medicine vet was confident the oncologist would not treat Josie without a cancer diagnosis. I kindly inquired about the metronomic therapy. She said she would have to consult the oncologist and get back to me. More waiting while vets talk amongst themselves.

Wednesday rolled around. I was hoping to make it back to work. Josie had other plans. The day started similar to Monday – including throwing her in the shower to contain the bleeding. Fortunately, it was only one round of bleeding and not as bad.

By Wednesday night, Josie was back on some medicine: Piroxicam. And a chinese medicine: Yunnan Baiyao.

And she was definitely feeling better. So was I.

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