Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao is amazing.

The internal medicine vet suggested it about the same time she recommended starting Josie on Piroxicam. All she said was it was a Chinese medicine to help with bleeding that I could find on Amazon.

I used my Google-foo to learn more. The internet seemed to agree – this is a little miracle for dogs with bleeding issues. Kinda makes me wonder how it works on people – but I didn’t find much about people using it for themselves.

IMG_1360Amazon sells it, in powder form. With Amazon Prime, it arrived on Wednesday before the Piroxicam. I gave some to Josie as soon as it showed up.

Within two hours, the trickle of blood had slowed.

That night, she even had a huge sneezing fit.  The sneezing usually caused the blood to flow like a faucet. This time – she sneezed out blood but that was it. Not even  trickle. After that, the bleeding stopped. Completely.

I don’t know if it was the Yunnan or the Piroxicam, or something else, all I know is Josie was starting to improve.

To this day, I’m a believer in the Yunnan Baiyao. Either its the best scam ever or it is indeed a miracle.

(A part of me does wonder, why didn’t they not suggest Yunnan Baiyao sooner?)

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