Conflicting data

It took well over a week before I got the phone call with the results – snow storms, holidays and crazy office hours all played a part in the delay. I was in a meeting at work when my phone rang. I typically don’t answer, but in this case I made an exception. I found an empty corner and prepared myself for finally knowing something and answered the phone.

The results were in – and once again, they conflict with the MRI. No cancer. Upon getting the results, the oncologist called the surgeon to make sure he did his job right. He confirmed he “visualized the mass” and confirmed he got samples from it. And she trusts the pathologist who analyzed the samples. Frankly – she is just confused by these results – they make no sense.

And so was I. I was prepped – all prepared to march down the path of tackling cancer. But what now? And could it still be? After all – he saw a MASS in my dog’s nasal passage. A mass that the MRI shows is destroying everything around it. What else could it be?

IMG_5508So does this mean Josie doesn’t have cancer? The oncologist suggested that there is the possibility it is a runaway case of rhinitis. (In doing research, that just means “we have no idea what this really is.”) But she did keep going back to that MRI – the MRI indicates this is bad. But at this point, she didn’t want to diagnose based on it, because two different biopsies say differently.

And my ultimate question is – if it is cancer vs something else – I don’t care. Whatever it is, it is hurting my dog. So the real question is – if it isn’t cancer – how do we fix her? How do we make her better?

So where do we go from here? Well, we’ve tried doing the biopsy again – that didn’t help. The only other option is to re-image – see if the picture changes. The oncologist did suggest waiting about a month, so everything from the biopsy settles down.

In the meantime, Josie will stay on the Piroxicam – whether it is cancer or rhinitis, inflammation plays a huge role, so the NSAIDs can only help. I’ve stopped the Yunnan Baiyao (miracle med) to see if the nosebleeds come back. If not, perhaps the Piroxicam is indeed making a difference.

And monitor – like a hawk – to see if she gets worse.  Maybe we are lucky.  Maybe this is a case of looking like the worst but it turns out it isn’t. Only time will tell.

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