Stitches – when will they ever come out?

Sometime between the surgery and getting her stitches out, Josie got tired of being confined. She got tired of the cone of shame. She got tired of me putting her on a leash to go outside.

I swear she started to rebel. She’d insist on multiple trips outside.  One to pee a little. Next one to poop. Third one to pee a lot. Fourth one to see if I’d take her out again. Fifth one to see how far I’d let her walk in the 8 inches of snow. It got really annoying when the temperature dropped into single digits. But she kept on insisting.


Makeshift confinent improved.

Finally, two weeks after the surgery, she got the stitches out. I took her to our regular vet.  The vet tech took one look at her and made a comment about it looking a bit more drastic than a regular needle biopsy.  Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the result of a simple surgical procedure to do a biopsy! Josie was a champ as they took the stitches out and the vet confirmed everything looked like it was healing up just fine.

Now that there was no chance of her pawing at her stitches, Josie spent the rest of the day free from the cone of shame and free to roam the house (which I’m sure just meant sleeping on the couch). When I got home, if she wanted to go, I just let her out.  If she did her 5 trip begging pattern to go out – not a problem.  I wasn’t going out in 14 degree weather – she was.

Things were returning to normal.

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