Josie used to be quiet. She didn’t bark. It was great.

When I first moved into my house, I had no neighbors (I miss those days). There were a couple of house past mine, but none within sight.

One day I heard Josie bark. I was shocked. I found her staring out the front door barking at something on the corner. Turns out a realtor had put a sign on the corner and tied a bunch of balloons to it.

I thought if I introduced Josie to the balloons, she’d realize they weren’t a threat and she didn’t need to bark at them. I got her leash, walked her down the driveway, across the road and right up to the balloons. She was very hesitant. I went and reached for one – and tried to bring it down to her level so she could sniff it. She almost jerked the leash out of my hand as she tried to run away.

Mission fail.

Now – Josie barks at everything.

I blame the balloons.

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