New symptoms

IMG_5614So much for slowing down the on the posts.

It seems quite often that my dogs have problems during the weekend or night – when the vet’s office is closed.  This weekend turned out to be no exception.

The first sign something was off was Josie didn’t finish her breakfast immediately Saturday morning.  She polished off a full bowl of water then insisted on running outside. She got hit with a case of diarrhea.  Normally, this isn’t cause for concern.  But since she is on an anti-inflammatory – I have to watch for things like this.  The debate in my head then started: it was around 0800 and the vet would be open until noon – do I call now, concerned the meds are causing internal problems, or do I wait?  I decided to wait – one spell of diarrhea wasn’t enough to convince me she needed immediate attention.

Every time she went outside, I went with her – watching.  That just caused her to stand there and watch me.  Silly dog.

By the evening, she went a couple of a times and things started improving.  By Sunday morning – she returned to normal.  Crisis averted.

But let’s back up to Saturday night.  We had settled down for the night pretty late – Josie in her bed, me in mine, Bear on the floor next to mine.  I heard a noise come from Josie’s bed and looked over just in time to see her standing, attempting to walk in a disoriented circle and then fall over onto her side.  My first instinct was to call her name, jump to her side and freak out.  Luckily, my second instinct kicked in right after that as I recognized the signs of a seizure.  I sat next to her, attempting to keep her calm and reassure her during the 30 second seizure.  It was surprisingly fast.  The recovery was long though – almost 20 minutes.  I stayed by her side the whole time. I’d say something to her and her tail would start hitting the floor – a good sign.

Seizures are not unfamiliar to our household.  My other dog Bear has had a few.  He gets medicine to control it.  Don’t think that will work for Josie.

Looks like I’ll be calling the oncologist first thing Monday morning.

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