The time between different anti-inflammatories is the worst.  You may recall last time: the crime scene.  This time was not nearly as bad, but was definitely not a fun day.

The washout period prescribed by the oncologist was 3 days.  In actuality, it ended up being four days. With Josie’s new schedule of drugs, she only gets the anti-inflammatory on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Her last Piroxicam dose was on a Monday., which resulted in Saturday being the day to start her on Prednisone.

Day one of washout, which was the day we went to the oncologist: she did great.

Day two: start to notice some bloody mucus.  She had this a lot back in December, so I wasn’t too concerned. The thought did occur to me that this could be leading to an all out nosebleed session.  So I started to prepare mentally for it.

Day three: Still some spots of blood, nothing bad – until that evening.  She sneezed.  It’s always the sneezes that I fear. I looked over and saw the patch of blood she had sneezed out.  I checked her nose – it wasn’t flowing.  I sat with her awhile, just to see if it would get worse.  Thankfully, it didn’t.  But as the night went on, I could tell it was still bleeding.  I had gotten very good at judging the severeness of it by how much she was licking.

She didn't care about the bleeding - she had things to watch outside!

She didn’t care about the bleeding – she had things to watch outside!

Day four: I was excited about Friday.  The day before I had just wrapped up a project at work that had been eating into all my spare time.  Today was going to be relaxing at work – finally.  I could focus on what I needed to focus on.  I also had a friend’s wedding that evening.  Also exciting.  Well, it turned out to be exciting, but for different reasons.  Josie sneezed.  And sneezed.  And sneezed.

You can imagine where this went. I had become an old pro at this and knew what to expect.  She would be fine when she woke up, but as soon as she got active and her blood got pumping, she’d get worse.

Ever the guard dog.

Ever the guard dog.

I was thankful for one huge difference between today and the last time it happened – it was spring time.  As soon as I saw what was about to happen – I just chucked her outside.  The bleeding doesn’t bother her, so I didn’t care if she bleed all over the great outdoors – I’d just hose down the area afterwards.

I worked from home, keeping a close eye on her.  Anytime it got bad, we just took a trip outside. At one point, she didn’t want to come in – she just lay in the front watching everything.  I wondered if my neighbors could see the red on her face.  Either way, she was content and that was all I cared about.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the crime scene, this was probably a 5.  Not bad really – just messy.

Day five (today): Doing good, just some drops here and there.  And she started the prednisone – so hopefully, it will subside and things will get back to normal – well, as normal as she is on pred.

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