Adventures in Confinement

Josie does great on Prednisone – with one exception – she drinks a lot.  This is a common side effect.  The last time Josie was on Prednisone, in December, it was 20mg a day.  It was easy – I was on vacation most of the time and didn’t notice the increase in requests to go outside.  However, once I went back to work, I would come home to at least one accident a day if I left her alone longer than 6 hours.  And it wasn’t tiny accidents. It was as if she had to go the moment I left and held it for as long as she possible could before just couldn’t anymore.  I didn’t hold it against her, as I spent my evenings using baking soda to soak up the pee.

This time had to be different.  I did not want to come home to random accidents – all in different spots. Also, she’s starting chemo drugs – which means extra caution. Accidents at this point aren’t an inconvenience, they are a hazard.  And along those lines, if she starts having a bad reaction to any of the drugs, I want those accidents contained as well.

IMG_1485So I picked out a spot by the back door for her and prepared her area. First layer – 4 mil plastic sheeting to protect the floor.  Second layer – blanket to protect the plastic sheeting from her claws and soak up any liquids.  Add in a small bed and pee pads and she has a pretty nice set up. Better than a tiny crate.

Josie has never been hard to confine – she’s pretty content wherever she is.  You may recall the cardboard box/sofa confinement during her surgery recovery.

Bear, on the other hand, is a completely different story.  When I first got him, I would put him in a crate when I wasn’t home.  I didn’t trust him, especially since he was new to the house and new to Josie.  It wasn’t long until I was came home and was greeted by a free dog.  Upon inspection, I found the crate to be in perfect condition.  Scratching my head, I just assumed I hadn’t locked it that morning and it was a one time thing.

IMG_6153Next day – he greeted me at the door again.  So the next morning, I tried a different confinement technique – the upstairs bedroom.  He stayed confined, but destroyed the carpet.

I decided to try the crate again – but I had to figure out what he was doing – how was he getting out. So I locked him in the crate and sat down to watch while he slowly had a panic attack.  He flipped out being so confined, but in the midst of his panic, he pushed up on the top of the crate and I watched as he separated the top of the crate from the front of the crate – creating an opening. I’m smarter than a dog, so I got some carabiners and zip ties and secured all the loose spots on the crate.  Surely this will keep him confined.

IMG_6157But I decided to be proactive.  I knew he hated the crate and I hated to see him have an anxiety attack in it – so I decided to go to Lowe’s and pick up a chain link fence kennel.  Although they are meant for outside, my basement was unfinished and had plenty of room for a 7 x 13 six foot tall kennel.

20060121.Cage3I was gone for only 3 hours while I ran to Lowe’s.  When I returned, Bear was free again.  How the…?  I turned the corner and found the crate on its side – bent and broken.  How he escaped, I still don’t know.  How he didn’t hurt himself I have no idea. But I never put him in it again.

He did enjoy the kennel – lots of room for him.  No panicking, and no escaping.

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