Drugs by mail = delays

When I left the oncologist’s office last Tuesday, I had all but one drug – Chlorambucil.  A special pharmacy would be calling and sending me this medication.  Not a problem – that is how the Piroxicam was handled as well. Late Wednesday evening, the pharmacy finally called to get billing and shipping information.  I was informed it would be going out priority mail and arrive on ice and would need to be refrigerated.

It is now Tuesday evening – a full week after Josie’s appointment – and almost a full week after the pharmacy contacted me – no Chlorambucil. I got on the phone and called them to find out what was going on.

After a 15 minute wait, I explained the situation and asked for tracking information. With no delay they quickly found it – the USPS still showed it in Arizona.  She went on to say she had been seeing this all month with Chlorambucil and the post office. She put me on hold while she went to go get a real status.

After a short wait, she came back and informed me “they just got out of a meeting with the post office.” I kid you not. Anyone ever get the feeling they are being fed a line?

She said they would overnight the prescription to me and to call when the USPS delivery arrived.

Good thing this is only for my dog. If I was a person and needed the medication, I’d be up a creek.

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