Semi-lazy weekends

A rare sight - Bear using Josie as a pillow.

A rare sight – Bear using Josie as a pillow.

It’s been a little over a week since Josie started metronomic therapy. So far, she’s doing great. No seizures. No GI issues. No bleeding. And tonight I realized – I haven’t heard her  breath in a while – no more sound of constant congestion. I’m not sure when that happened, maybe while she was still on the Piroxicam. Regardless, it is wonderful to watch my puppy sleep in silence.

Despite the progress, the prednisone is making its presence known. Josie wakes me up sometime between midnight and 0200 to go out and get a drink. Then, she’s up exactly at 0730. If I ignore her, she just whines until I let her out, and then give her some water and food. If I skip the food, the whining lingers. I’ve found it is just easier to give in early. She also scours the house and yard for any scraps to eat. And promptly at 1700, she starts to stare me down – waiting patiently for dinner to roll around. If I try to ignore the staring, the whining usually follows. So far, all this is just minor inconveniences for me, ones I’m happy to have in exchange for a happy puppy.

Josie people watching.

Josie people watching.

When she isn’t scouring the yard or house for scraps, or taking a nap, she is spending quality time watching the neighborhood. I cleaned out the garage this weekend and Josie kept me company – watching everything and everyone that walked by. It might freak some people out to see a seemingly loose dog in the yard – but she wasn’t going anywhere. She just wanted to watch. And loved every minute of it.

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