April Fools’ Day – Nasal Tumor Edition

Josie played an April Fools’ Day joke on me today. Really – she did. I know what you are thinking – she’s just a dog. But I swear, she planned this.

She started her usually whining a full hour earlier then usual – 0630. I tried to ignore it. But it was hard. And it is made even harder since I just installed hardwood flooring in my bedroom. As soon as she starts walking, I hear every step she takes on the floor. This morning, I made a deal with myself (all in my head):  get up, give her water, medicine, food and let her outside – then go back to bed for an hour. It sounded like a great plan – and yes, I know that extra hour in bed would be useless. But it would be worth it.

First thing I did was put her out. She quickly did her business as I filled her food and water bowls. I put her morning medicine (minus the Yunnan) in her food bowl – it consisted of just one Pepcid tablet. When she came inside, she ran to her food and quickly devoured it. As she was doing so, I noticed streaks of blood forming in the bowl – not a good sign. I lifted her head, something she was in no mood to let me do since she was on a  mission to finish her breakfast, and saw the tell-tale sign of a nosebleed: streak of red on her fur reaching from her nose to her mouth. I let her finish her breakfast while I searched the floor for any stray drops that need to be cleaned.

As soon as she was done, which included drinking an entire bowl of water, I put her outside as I got ready for my day. At first, she was fine with this arrangement. But the longer she was out there, the more she wanted to be inside – and she wanted the world to know. So the barking started. I’m sure my neighbor’s appreciated that at 0700.

History has taught me when her nosebleeds like that, it usually gets worse before it gets better. To prepare, I started to figure out what my next step would be: take the day off, figure out how to work from home, which would involve a trip to the office to get my laptop, or just leave her and go to work. Ok, that last one really wasn’t an option. One thing was for sure – I wouldn’t be returning to bed for that extra hour of sleep.

When I went to go let Josie in, I was unsure what I would fine – either everything would be hunky dory, or I’d have to pull the hose out and clean her (and the deck) off. Cautiously, I approached the door and discovered there wasn’t a single sign of blood. Not even on her face. It was like it never happened. I felt like she was playing a game of “now you see it – now you don’t”. She just stood there, at the door, looking innocent and begging to come in – staring at me as if to say “Blood? What blood? There was no blood.  Nothing to see here.”


Josie – Jan 2003

I was still a little uncertain leaving her for the day at that exact moment. Plus – she had just drank an entire bowl of water! I decided to wait a little while before heading to work. Thankfully, nothing transpired, and she was very thankful (I assume) that I let her out one last time before I headed off to work. I did cut my day a little short, anxious about what I would come home to.

And all I came home to was a dog eager to go outside and glad to be out of confinement.

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