Making friends while waiting at the vet’s office

On Thursday, Josie and I paid a visit to our regular vet for her first blood work check since starting metronomic therapy. Josie made a lot of friends while we waited.


Josie – Dec 2002

First, there was Kipper, whose owner had strategically sat down on the other side of the waiting room. Upon seeing a new dog enter the facility, Josie started to  beg to go make friends. Kipper did the same. Finally, Kipper’s owner and I relented and let the two dogs sniff hello. After a few short sniffs, Josie’s curiosity was satisfied and she laid down out of Kipper’s reach. And instead of watching Kipper, she eagerly watched the closed doors of the exam rooms to see if she spotted any other dogs that needed to be sniffed. Kipper, on the other hand, wasn’t done sniffing Josie, and tried his best to get to her. He kinda reminded me of the nerdy kid in school who kept trying to hang out with the cool kids – who could care less about him. Yup – Josie was the cool kid. Kipper wasn’t.

Next up, after Kipper disappeared into one of the exam rooms, were two yappy little dogs that kept running circles around their owner while she tried to pay – you know the type. And Josie being Josie, really wanted to sniff them hello. And since they were very hyper, Josie started to get hyper too. I didn’t mind – she’s easy to calm down and she wasn’t the one out of control.

And then it happened. The moment I realized something that has become common place to me still freaks other people out.

The owner of the two yappy dogs exclaimed, “Oh no – your dog is bleeding!”

I spotted the drops on the floor, and tried to reassure everyone around that it was perfectly normal as I asked the receptionist for a tissue or a towel.

Then Josie sneezed.

“Oh my god!  Eeeeeeewwwwww!” was the owner’s reaction.

Another woman waiting with her dog had a horrified look on her face.

I kept trying to reassure them its normal and she was fine.

Thankfully, a vet tech came and took Josie back to do her blood work and another one came around to clean up the floor. They were unfazed.

The others, though, I think will be traumatized for awhile.

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