What happens when on auto-pilot

Today is Wednesday. That means it is Josie’s day to get Palladia. I even have a nifty schedule to follow that makes this easy for me.

As always, I get home and the first thing I do (after letting the dogs out) is give Josie her Pepcid dose. At this time, I’m well aware it is a Palladia day – because there is no tablet of Prednisone sitting with the Pepcid tablet in the pill box.

Then, about an hour later, I go to the fridge, grab the ham. I measure out a dose of Yunnan and sprinkle it on the ham. Then my brain switches to auto-pilot mode. “Go to fridge – grab Chlorambucil.” So I do. I put on the gloves, get a capsule of Chlorambucil and proceed to feed ham wrapped goodness to Josie.  I then go get her food, mix in some yummy canned pumpkin (a new thing I’m trying to ward off any diarrhea) and she eats happily.

Then it hits me – WTF did I just do. It’s a Palladia day. Crap.

I double check my schedule – which I had neglected to do when I gave her the Pepcid. Clear as day – she’s due for Palladia.

Grab phone – call vet.

Hopefully the receptionist understood me correctly – but after quickly checking with the vet, she reassured me it was fine – just go back to the regular schedule tomorrow.

Hopefully I learned my lesson – ALWAYS check the schedule!

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