Bath day

Earlier this week, I checked the weather and discovered Saturday (today) was going to be beautiful: sunny and in the 70s. I started planning all the things I could get done. Top of the list:

  • Wash truck
  • Wash dogs

Really, those were the only two things on the list. If I managed to do accomplish those two things, I’d be pretty happy.

First up – the truck. It always looks pretty when cleaned. And I even cleaned the inside – but for the life of me I can’t get all the fur out.

So. Much. Fur.

I sat the pups down for a photo-op. Bear was happy to smile for the camera. I think Josie knew what I had in store for her next.


Bear and Josie with a very clean truck

Next up – the dogs. I did Josie first because she becomes water logged and would need a lot of time to dry out. Don’t let the smile fool you – she hates getting a bath. She was miserable the entire time and kept trying to get away.


A water logged Josie


Action shot – nothing as adorable as a dog shaking.

Bear went next. He hates it as much as Josie does – but he at least stands still for it.


Bear – working on his sad face.


I think he’s perfecting it.

Finally, when all was said and done – I had two clean dogs and a clean truck. Time for another photo-op.


A clean Josie and a clean Bear with a very clean truck.


Josie called it a day.

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