Hands of blue

It was some time after 0100. I awoke to the sound of licking followed by the tell tale sneeze. I flipped on a light and went to Josie’s side. Her blanket was covered in blood spatter as it flowed our her nose.

Here we go again.

I have a plan for this – it involves putting her outside and waiting it out.

That only works well during the day, and when it isn’t raining buckets.

Time for Plan B.

I donned on some blue gloves, grabbed some tissues and towels and prepared for the long night ahead. I also decided to try out the emergency pill that comes with each batch of Yunnan. Don’t know if it made a difference, but anything helps.

Side note – I can’t wear the gloves without hearing the phrase “Two by two – hands of blue.”

The bleeding eased up around 0220. I cleaned Josie and the surroundings and tried to settle in for “monitor” mode. That lasted about 10 minutes.

The next round was worse – and involved the biggest booger sticking out her nose and it didn’t want to budge. It was a while before it broke its way loose and the bleeding eased up (for real).

By 0315 Josie was obviously tired, and definitely in pain. She tried to settle and go to sleep, but was distracted by the need to paw at her face, or lick the blood off her front paws and her surroundings. She tried to sneeze a few times, but she was so tired she could barely do so.

As for me, I’m tired too, but more concerned with monitoring her. So I’ve settled in with the laptop, the remote and Netflix. Maybe I’ll watch Firefly – it seems appropriate.

It will be dawn in a couple hours. Here’s hoping she gets to sleep peacefully until then.

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