Morning arrived

The sun is up. The rain has stopped. And although it is cloudy and wet out – Plan A is now back in action.

I don’t know if Josie ever settled down and slept last night. She was very restless. But she was extremely tired. So tired that when her nose started up again, she didn’t budge as the blood covered the side of her face. That didn’t stop her from trying to lick it all up though – all while lying on her side.

I had managed to drift off, maybe for 20 minutes when I heard the sound of the licking. I got up, tried to re-position her head on a towel so the blood wouldn’t collect on the floor. That was enough to convince her to lift her head, get up a bit and sneeze – spreading the contents everywhere. I think she had laid there for awhile, because out came a giant blood clot.

After that, the blood slowed to a trickle. Josie refused to focus on sleeping and recovery – she was incessantly licking: blankets, floors, her front legs (which are stained red). And when not licking, she was panting – which is a dead give away for how much pain she is in.
IMG_1668Now, for the good news. She drank a lot of water. She ate breakfast eagerly and took her morning meds with no problems. She’s up, wagging her tail and staring at me as if nothing happened. And as of right now – the panting has stopped.

The blankets and towels are in the washing machine. I’ve notified work I won’t be in the office. Luckily, I have my laptop with me – but its been a long while since I’ve had to function on an hour or two of sleep so I can’t imagine I’ll be productive.

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5 Responses to Morning arrived

  1. Prayers for you and Josie.


  2. Thinking of you and Josie. Praying that she’s not in any pain.

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