My favorite part during each vet trip

When Josie and I went looking for a new vet, we were introduced to a new way of doing things. Our original vet would come into the room, put the dog up on a metal table, look at a couple things, give shots if needed, take blood, whatever needed to be done and that was it. All within minutes (after waiting for awhile of course), and all with me present. That was normal for us – although both my dogs freaked out at the metal table.


All the other vets take the dogs away for any procedure, such as taking blood or even something as simple as getting a weight. At first, I was bothered by this. After all, where are you taking my dog? And what are you doing to her/him? But now, I really love it – it gives them one on one time to kinda get to know the dog.

This is especially true with Josie – mostly because she has now gotten to meet so many vets and vet techs. And every time she is returned to me, she doesn’t want to leave. She genuinely likes meeting people, exploring and sniffing out new dogs.

IMG_5697 At our most recent checkup, the oncologist, who at this point really needs a name – so she’ll be Dr. W from now on, brought Josie back to me after giving her an exam. She told me Josie didn’t want to come to find me – she wanted to explore the hospital and get to know what was behind this door and that door. And say hello to anyone and everyone. I asked if she was curious about other dogs – just to say hello? Dr. W finished my thought by saying she did – and that was it – Josie would then move on. She then complimented Josie’s sweet disposition – something that was becoming a common occurrence during trips like this.

I know how awesome Josie is. She truly has one of the sweetest personalities I could ask for in a dog. And I love that during each trip, others get to see it and experience it too.

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One Response to My favorite part during each vet trip

  1. She really always has been super sweet. 🙂


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