Previous Day Amnesia

By Monday evening, Josie was doing a lot better. There was still a trickle of blood coming from her nose, which made me begin to wonder how much could trickle out before it became a life threatening problem. And every now and then, the reverse sneezing would kick in. But she still eagerly ate, drank and barked at any suspicious sight or sound.

By Tuesday, almost all signs of the day before were gone. Josie was back to her chipper self. It was as if the day before had never happened. Sure there was a drop of blood every now and then and minor reverse sneezing – but that was it. And by Wednesday, all signs of that were gone.

Josie - 2004

Josie – 2004

So Josie is back to normal. This morning she woke me promptly at 0600 to run outside. She eagerly pranced around as I got out of bed and then practically flew down the stairs and out the door. When she came back inside, she ran to her food bowl, and upon realizing it was still empty, ran to the table where I dispense her meds from. All with that gleam in her eye of “you’re gonna feed me, right? I want food. I’m hungry!”

Bear is back to normal to. Let me explain. On Monday, he hid. As I did my best to help Josie, he left the room and curled up in a ball right outside the doorway. He gave Josie her space, never trying to butt his way in or act jealous as I tended to her. This was a huge warning sign.

But by Tuesday night, when I would call Josie over to check on her, Bear would come running too. He would push Josie out of the way, an easy task for him since he is bigger, and try and steal as much attention as he could. He kinda acted like a bully. A good sign as life reverted to normal – well, as normal as it will ever be given Josie’s tumor.

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