Not her smartest move ever


Josie – 2010

A couple years back, I was trying to convince a friend that Josie was smarter than Bear. My friend had already concluded Bear was awesome because he was so pretty. She kinda just tolerated Josie – didn’t really give her a chance at first.

One day when the dogs and I were visiting my friend, Josie did not help my case.

Josie typically sticks her nose to the ground and sniffs out food. At a house filled with kids – you can imagine the heaven she was in. I wasn’t really paying attention to her – I knew she wasn’t going to get into any trouble.

At about the time I was trying to convince my friend Josie was smart, we heard her whining. We glanced around and didn’t see her. I followed the sounds of her crying to discover her behind the couch. She turned her head and looked at me. I looked at her – confirming she wasn’t stuck, and called for her. She tried to turn around, but couldn’t due to the space restriction. She whined again. I called for her again and she finally relented to following her only course of action: walk backwards.

She emerged from behind the couch victorious about the same time my friend looked at me and said, “And she’s the smart one?”

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