Beautiful day for a walk

Josie camping at Moose Farm - 2010

Josie camping at Moose Farm – 2010

Today has turned into a downright beautiful day in Virginia. The dogs and I have been a bit lazy this weekend, so I decided to take them on a walk.

Walking my dogs is not something I do on a regular basis. I have no excuse other than laziness on my part. These days, I try to make an extra effort – Josie does love her walks, even if she only loves the first 5 minutes. And I’m pretty sure Bear could walk all day.

In the past, I used to get frustrated walking them. Don’t get me wrong, they are really easy to walk. They don’t pull, they don’t have to sniff every little twig they come across, they just walk with me. However, Josie tends to fall behind. She starts out really strong and then quickly fades. Even going at a snails pace, I would practically be dragging her home as she lagged behind as far as the six foot leash would stretch. I’m sure it looked funny, with Bear keeping up and sometimes creeping ahead of me by a foot.

At the time, I thought she was lazy. Lazy dog would didn’t want to walk. Sheesh! Why did she even beg to go on a walk if she was too lazy to make it all the way home?

Then I found out – arthritis. I felt horrible. She wasn’t lazy – she was in pain. It all made sense.

The vet recommends still walking – just slow, short walks. This I can do.

These days when I take the dogs for a walk – it is a coordinated effort since they both walk at different paces and for different lengths of time. First, Bear and I go out and walk a good mile before making our way back to pick up Josie. By then, Bear is starting to slow down. When Josie joins us, she’s full of energy and practically runs next to me for the first tenth of a mile. I try and slow her down – tell her to take her time – no need to run. But she insists. She soon peters out and drags her feet for the rest of the walk – which at that point is usually a very slow walk back home.

I don’t mind the slow walk back home. It gives me more time walking my dogs on a beautiful day.

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