Puppy strength

Josie - 2002

Josie – 2002

For Josie’s first winter, I didn’t have a fenced in area in my yard for her, so I had to resort to a cable out front when I put her outside for an extended period of time. I made sure it was pretty long, so she had plenty of room to run around and I never left her out there unsupervised.

This set up worked really well until one day Josie decided to run after something. I tried to stop her, not wanting her to hurt herself when she reached the end of the cable.

Turned out not to be a problem – she reached the end and kept going. Her collar just snapped off.

Luckily, she stopped running before reaching the street.

I had to invest in a new, stronger collar for my growing puppy – and looked forward to the springtime when I could set something else up for her.

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