Don’t fence me in

It wasn’t until spring of 2005 that I finally got around to building a fence. I had thought about it for a long time before finally acting. The tricky part was making sure it followed the HOA rules – which doesn’t allow privacy fences and limits the height to 4 feet. Following those rules, how was I supposed to build a fence to keep my dog in my yard?

Lucky for me, another neighbor was building a fence and I just copied his design and used 1×6 boards, spaced 6 inches apart. Josie would have to work to squeeze through a 6 inch opening.


New fence – giving Josie the full yard to run around in.

It worked great. And for the most part, the fence is no more then 6 inches from the ground.

To this day, Josie and Bear have yet to escape the fenced in yard.

OK, I’ll admit it. Josie escaped once. I left her and Bear alone for a while and when I called for them at the door, Bear came running but no Josie. I looked around and started to get worried when I didn’t see her.

I whistled – my go-to method of calling her.

No response.

I whistled again.

Still no response.

Then I spotted her – looking at me from the neighbor’s yard. She knew she had been caught.


The one spot where the dogs can escape – if they so choose.

I stepped in her direction, called her name and whistled again. She came trotting back, realizing she was in trouble.

However, when she got to the fence, she ran up and down, and couldn’t figure out how to get back in the yard.

I knew how. She found the one spot where there was a pretty big gap between the bottom board and the ground.

Thankfully, she never ventured off again.

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