Josie has her monthly checkup on Monday. They asked me to bring a urine sample. Well, in 12 years of dog ownership, I’ve never had to get a urine sample from either of my dogs. I over think problems, and for me, this was a problem. So I started thinking – what is the best way to get a sample from Josie. Then I started planning and scheming the best way to accomplish getting the sample. I’ve invested more time then I’ll admit into figuring this out.

First, I got some containers. Then I realized I had the perfect container sitting at home – the container containing the ham that I use to wrap her meds in. Perfect.

Second, practice. I have to make sure Josie is used to me sticking this container under her while she’s doing her business. After all, if I was a dog I’d get up and move if someone did that to me.

IMG_1744So today I decided to practice. As soon as I got home after a long day at work, I let her outside and followed her with the selected container. As soon as Josie started to go, I tried to position the container under her – only to realize it was too tall – she squats really low to the ground. So I shoved it under her, thinking surely she will move. She just looked at me, as if to say “I don’t care what you are doing – I GOT TO PEE!”

Lesson learned – when a dog has to go – they really don’t care what you do – they have more important things to attend to.

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One Response to Practice

  1. olivenlily says:

    Haha. Love this. I’m a pro pee catcher if there ever is one (both my female dogs have chronic UTIs) and I almost always get pee covered hands.

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