A poop tale

When I arrived home from work last Wednesday, I noticed my house had an odor. That’s never a good sign. After putting down the mail and car keys, I walked over to Josie’s penned in area to let her out. First thing I noticed – two very small piles of poop.

Josie has had accidents in the house before, but never poop related and none since I’ve kept her confined to a small area. I immediately let her outside and went to cleaning up the piles. They were small, and on a blanket, so it was easy. Then I noticed the blanket was folded over in an area. I lifted the edge and found the real source of the smell: a giant pile of semi-solid poop. I’m a bit impressed Josie figured out how to hide it.  I don’t know how long it had been there, but if I was her, I would have done the same thing just so I didn’t have to stare at it.

After picking up all the solid pieces, and tossing the blanket into the laundry machine, I went to check on Josie. She was acting just fine. I couldn’t tell anything was wrong. She even eagerly ate her dose of Pepcid wrapped in a piece of ham.

A short time later, she ran to the door to go out. I followed her, to see what she would do. This time, it was full on diarrhea.

Uh oh. Time to start the clock and monitor her in case I had to call the vet at some point. After all, with all the meds she is on, GI issues are a big risk.

But first, I decided to try a home remedy: canned pumpkin.

It was almost doggie dinner time, but instead of her usual serving of dog food, I gave her half and about a half cup of canned pumpkin. She eagerly ate both. I took this as a good sign. Normally when she has GI issues, she isn’t even hungry.

She had no more instances of diarrhea that night and by morning she had returned completely to normal.

Yeah! Crisis averted!

Fast forward to today: her monthly checkup. I made sure to mention her bout of diarrhea, but even commented it might have been something she ate – she finds all sorts of things to eat.

Today’s checkup included an x-ray. When the vet came in to discuss Josie’s status, she mentioned the x-ray was fine, but she noticed some very small particles in her lower GI tract. She asked, “Does Josie eat rocks? Or other random items?”

I’ve never seen Josie eat a rock – but I wouldn’t put it past her. After a chuckle about Josie eating just about anything, we concluded this was probably the cause of her Wednesday poop incident – and whatever it is, it is still working its way out of her system. And, fortunately, they are small enough, the vet wasn’t really concerned with them.

Silly dog. I think she did it just to get more pumpkin.

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2 Responses to A poop tale

  1. Do fresh pumpkins work? Our Swingle seems to have a sensitive stomach, but she picks up all sorts of things I don’t always get to before she swallows! Wonder of I can get tinned pumpkins in Austria……


    • The Admiral says:

      Dogs really do eat just about anything – don’t they know not everything is food. 😉 I’m no expert, I’ve just read about pumpkin working the other day and gave it a try, and I would think fresh pumpkins would work. From what I’ve read though, cook them first – no one recommended raw pumpkin. The other suggestion I’ve come across is sweet potato – same idea – cook it. Either or cooked mix really well with food.


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