See no command, hear no command

IMG_1736Despite the rare occasion where she isn’t at her best, Josie was very easy to train. She easily learned to sit and lay down on command as well as to speak – a feat Bear has yet to figure out. I decided to take it one step further: teach her sign language.

My sister had done it with her dog and I was completely fascinated with it. So, I taught Josie the signs for “sit”, “down” and “speak”. (Disclaimer – I have no idea if they are the right signs, they are the ones my sister showed me- and she knows sign language, so I assume they are right. If they are wrong – I blame her.) Josie picked up on the signs easily and was soon responding to them all the time. It was great – if I was at the street and Josie was barking loudly, I’d give her the sign to lay down and she would – and become silent. I was rather impressed with myself – and my dog.

But then it happened. Josie proved that – sometimes – she is smarter than I am. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it is true.

She learned if she doesn’t want to obey a command, even when I speak it, she just won’t look at me. It is the equivalent of “I can’t hear you” while sticking her fingers in her ears. If she doesn’t see it – it never really happened.

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