15 years later

Fifteen years ago today, I graduated Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA. I loved college – the people, the campus, the whole atmosphere. After graduation, I didn’t go far. I live about thirty minutes from MWC and work within minutes of campus. And yet, in all those years I’ve never taken the dogs there. Which is just sad, since it is such a pretty, walkable campus. Very dog friendly.

Today, I corrected that oversight. It was the perfect day: sunny and in the 70s. To top it off, graduation was last Saturday, so the campus is virtually empty. So I left work early, and drove home to get the dogs.

The dogs were eager for the trip. I packed some water, a camera (although in the end I think my phone took better pictures – what a shame), and their leashes and headed back into town, with two excited dogs in the back seat.


Road trip!

I parked in a location where I usually parked – right outside the BSU on College Ave. It is centrally located and used to be easy to get to. Key words: used to be. I forgot about the massive construction going on that blocks off all easy ways to get to campus from the BSU. I parked there anyway, and headed up the street to the first safe road crossing – which put us right at Seacobeck – the dining hall. I think the dogs smelled food and wanted to go in.


Outside Seaco.

We walked our way around, making sure to take pics every now and then.


Outside Seaco.


The bridge to Seaco.


“Hey – what’s going on over there? Can we go over there?”


Almost to the fountain.

Finally, we made our way to The Fountain – my favorite spot on campus. No trip to MWC is complete without a trip to the fountain. The dogs sat patiently for a picture, but neither was sure what direction to look.


The pups at the fountain.


Silly pups at the fountain.

And when at the fountain, it is best to practice bench sitting. Plus, it gave Josie a much needed water break.


Water break.

We then made our way down to the Amphitheater.


MWC Amphitheater

After we climbed back up to Campus Walk, we ventured to Ball Circle – freshly trampled by graduation. The dogs took some time to observe the construction.


The dogs are unsure about this new building – I think they miss Chandler.

And finally, we stopped by Virginia Hall – my freshmen dorm where I have such fond memories.


Virginia Hall.


Virginia Hall.

We made our way back to the fountain to do some more, much needed bench sitting. Josie really enjoyed this part of the adventure. She is very much a people watcher.


Josie people watching.

Bear was unsure about relaxing – so he pretty much stood guard the whole time and never got into bench sitting and people watching.


Bear is unsure how to properly bench sit – or people watch.

So Josie worked extra hard at it to make up for Bears inability to relax.


Josie mastering the fine art of people watching.

We then made our way down past the Simpson Library and the new Convergence Center. The dogs seemed pretty tired at this point, so I navigated them back to the truck – which was interrupted when I realized the easiest way was to go back by Seaco – I had been headed towards where Chandler used to be only to realize there is now a big ass building  in the way.

We got back to the truck, I piled two very tired puppies into the truck and we headed home.


Heading home – tired but happy.

Overall, an excellent way to spend a wonderful spring afternoon in Virginia.

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6 Responses to 15 years later

  1. What an adventure! We live about 45 minutes away from mom’s college but she’s never taken me there. Omd i bet I’d have so much fun. Maybe one day when I’m better at car rides.

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  2. This is definitely my favorite blog post!!! 🙂 Yeah MWC!

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