Worth it? Worth it.

One month has passed since the longest night I’ve had in a long time. Amazingly, once Josie’s nose stopped bleeding, it hasn’t restarted. Not a trickle. Not a drop.

The last time she went this long without any bleeding was probably back in November or December. This is turning into a new record.

IMG_1807As I look back on that day a month ago, I questioned if it was worth it – when she is obviously suffering. Am I just prolonging her misery? On that day, I really thought we were close to the end.

But here we are, a month later and she is doing great. The only sign of trouble is a crusty nose and her scar.

Does this mean the metronomic chemo is working? Maybe. Without an MRI or CT scan, I really have no way of knowing for sure.

What I do know is my dog seems to be enjoying life with little disruption. Sure, she drinks a lot more thanks to the prednisone, but so far, the side effects are all manageable and seem to be a bigger inconvenience to me – especially when I have to let her out or give her water at 2am.

So when people silently judge me about treating my 12 year old dog’s nasal tumor, I’ll just remind myself, one bad day out of 30 – all things considered, not that bad of a ratio. And because of the treatment, I’m getting some awesome days and memories with my dog that I’m sure I would not have had otherwise.

I’ll continue to treasure each bark, lick, longing look (aka begging for food), cuddle and all the other fun things she does all the more. And plan more fun outings where I can share Josie with the world.

Here’s to another trouble free month.

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