Lost dog

I lost Bear today.

Not really – I just lost track of him.

I made myself some lunch and as I sat down to eat I realized only one dog was staring at me – Josie. I glanced around wondering where Bear was.

“Bear?” I called.

Josie looked at the back door. I ignored her – trying to figure out where Bear had gone.

“Bear? Where you at?” I called, getting a little louder.

Josie looked at the door again. I glanced in that direction, but he couldn’t be out there – I hadn’t put him outside.

Maybe he went upstairs, I thought. He does that sometimes.

I run up the steps and check the usual places – nothing.

Well, that leaves outside – but I really don’t remember putting him out. I open the door, glance around – nothing.

“Bear? You out here?”


“Bear?” I call louder.

I hear leaves rustle from under the deck and Bear peaks his head out as if to say “Whaaaaat? I’m chilling here.”

I guess I did put him out, I think as I go back inside.

Josie is there waiting for me with that look on her face. The one that says “I told you so.”

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