June Checkup

Josie and I arrived early at the oncologist today. Too early. The doors weren’t even open yet. We did run into Dr W walking a beautiful black dog, Bailey, in the parking lot. Since I have zero social skills, I made awkward small talk while the dogs sniffed hello, hoping she didn’t notice the fact we were there super early. But to me it made sense – we live over an hour away and have to plan for traffic that may happen. And in reality, we were only 17 minutes early and the doors opened up a couple minutes after we first tried to go through.

I was actually a bit excited to see Dr W. The last time we were down, we saw a different oncologist, Dr H. I wasn’t too keen on the idea – after all – I like Dr W. And I like consistency – especially when monitoring the progress of Josie’s health. I assumed maybe Dr W was out that day and that is why we saw someone new. Not today – she was there.  And hopefully, fingers crossed, we’d get the vet who has seen Josie on a regular basis.

After a short wait, sadly, Dr H came in to discuss Josie. Don’t get me wrong – she’s nice and seems like a good vet. I just prefer Dr W. Oh well.

Top item we discussed – Josie’s difficulty with stairs and her decrease in energy. There might be a reason, and it isn’t related to prednisone. During the exam, she pinpointed a spot on Josie’s back that was extremely sensitive. Given her stature, I’m not surprised she has back problems. And Dr H informed me the x-rays shows arthritis in her back. IMG_5521Chances are, she did something that aggravated it and she is in pain (more so then usual) and she is doing what she knows to prevent pain – take it easy. As her owner – I now have to do what I can to help her. What does this mean – no steps or jumping on furniture – lots of carrying around a 43 pound dog (I should have huge muscles after a few weeks!) It also means more meds – Tramadol –  to be given as needed.

Second item – diarrhea. As if she knows she had a vet appointment, Josie had a bit of diarrhea yesterday and I made sure to tell them about it. Dr H asked, “does she get into things?” I thought back over the last week:

  • chased her out of the garden beds where she was all to eager to eat something – most likely cat poop for a neighborhood cat
  • caught her chomping down on a random find in the yard that happened to be covered in maggots (I think it was part of a bird)
  • dried earthworms on sidewalks are her new favorite treat
  • caught her rummaging through the neighbor’s compost pile – luckily only had watermelon in it

“Yeah,” I replied sheepishly.

Even though her bouts of diarrhea are most likely self inflicted due to really poor dietary habits, we came home with some of Metronidazole to use just in case it lasts multiple days. She also recommended pumpkin – so that idea is totally vet approved! (And I still use it – the pups love it!)

Other than that, she said Josie was looking great – still had airflow on both sides, good muscle tone, was really eager to explore in the back where they take her. And she made sure to sneeze for them – no blood – woohoo!

Restocked on meds, and toting some new ones, Josie and I returned home. I waited until after work to give her the dose of Tramadol, just incase she had an adverse reaction to it. It didn’t take long – my happy puppy is back. Although she is under strict orders to relax, I can tell she’s perked up – and she keeps trying to play and do things on her own. Crisis averted.

We have our next appointment already schedule. Wonder who we will see that time – and I can’t figure out how to politely request the oncologist I want without sounding like I think there is something wrong with the other one.

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