June Checkup – results

Its been a couple of days since Josie’s checkup. Usually, the oncologist calls the very next day with the results – but this time – nothing. Knowing they are closed tomorrow, I shot them an email early today asking if the results had come in.

Apparently, the lab delayed sending them back. I’m thinking they need a reminder system to ping the lab when they don’t get them in the usual timeframe.

Luckily, by late afternoon I got the phone. This time, the results are different.

Bloodwork shows elevated glucose levels. Everything else was normal. Right now, they are thinking it is due to stress but I’m to monitor her and watch for anything out of the ordinary.

Urine shows elevated white blood cell count, but no bacteria. It could be the start of another UTI. I’m to watch for signs. I know what is causing this to happen – its the fact she drinks so much during the day and holds it ALL DAY LONG while I’m at work. Hopefully, starting next week I’ll have solved this problem. With school out, I’ve recruited a neighborhood kid to come let her out during the day. He’s reliable, and likes Josie, so here’s hoping she gets a much needed potty break every day and we can avoid these future infections.

Other than that, she’s seems to be doing better. The Tramadol really seems to be helping her, but I can tell she is limited with what she can do and must have really tweaked her back something awful. She’s learning to wait for me before going up or down ANY stairs, and tries her best not to freak out when I carry her down the stairs. That direction makes her (and me) a bit nervous. The hardest part is she insists on exploring the yard – I may just have to start using a leash to restrict her walking distance.

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