The moment

Yesterday’s minor nosebleed got worse. I should have known – it was a Monday. Mondays have turned into nosebleed days.

It started about the same time the sky darkened. A storm was fast approaching. As I settled down to keep Bear calm and surf the internet to wait out the storm, I heard the familiar sound of incessant licking. I peered down at Josie, who was sitting at my feet, realized what was happening and jumped into action.

IMG_1402Towel to put under her – check. Gloves for me – check. Paper towels – check. Trash can – check. Frozen veggies – check. Yunnan emergency pill – check.

The thunder began to rumble. Bear moved as close as he could next to me, without interfering.

In the midst of the rain and thunder, and sneezing and blood, I looked at Josie and I had that moment. That moment where I know I’m ready. I’m ready when she is.

The outdoors began to brighten as the dark clouds rolled out. I decided to move Josie outside, even though some rain was still coming down. She didn’t mind – she took the opportunity to pee. By this time, the major bleeding had stopped, and she just needed some cleaning up.

With the storm past, we started to settle in for the night. I quarantined Josie to contain any stray droplets. I looked outside and decided it was turning into a nice evening to just chill outside. So out of quarantine she came.

We enjoyed some peaceful moments outside. She decided to walk a little in the yard – which stirred up another nosebleed, just not as bad. When it too had passed, she sat down in the driveway. I settled in next to her as we watched nature enjoy the quietness after the storm.

A stray cat walked across the road a few houses down – Josie barked – warning it to stay away. Her eyesight still impresses me.

The robins hunted for worms and insects to feed their young family. The after storm ground was swarming with food.

A rabbit across the street munched on clover.

A couple of chickadees flew around and explored the yard.

And Josie just watched. And I watched with her.

Savoring the moment.

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4 Responses to The moment

  1. lkimberland says:

    It is so hard when our pets are ill. We try to mitigate their issues as best we can and provide love and comfort for them. My almost 12 year old miniature schnauzer Noel has something akin to congestive heart failure. She takes 3 medications daily and we know that she will never get better. We are making her life as “normal” as possible and just loving her. It is bittersweet and I can sense that in your posts. Thanks for sharing Josie with us.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I am glad you could savor the moment. I am sorry to hear the nosebleeds are that frequent.

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    • The Admiral says:

      Fortunately, the bad nosebleeds are still relatively far apart – the last really bad one was close to two months ago. So that’s something to be positive about. And I”m amazed how quickly she bounces back – today it’s like nothing ever happened – she’s running around enjoying life again.


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