Bear is starting to age

Bear had a visit to the vet today.

I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks, he’s been having some leg problems. He’s no longer running full speed in the backyard or flying up stairs. When he gets up, he limps, usually favoring his back left leg. At his last visit, the vet mentioned he was guarding his hips. She recommended giving him a glucosamine supplement to help out the inevitable arthritis. She also said that the warmer weather would help.

IMG_0032Assuming it was just the progression of his joint problems, I brought him in to rule out anything worse. Sure enough, he’s guarding his hips even more. She even noted his right side was worse, despite him favoring his left side – most likely over compensating.

Luckily, they make meds for aging dogs that will help. Bear is starting out on Novox, a NSAID. Hopefully he should be back to himself in a few days.

Side note, we talked briefly about Josie – she asked how she was doing (another reason I really like my vet). I told her she has good days and bad and the bad days are getting rough – even if they are weeks apart.  She nodded her head and said it was really tough, it being a very gray area with no right or wrong answer. I also mentioned her bad days usually happen on a Monday. She found that curious but offered a really good theory. I’m off on the weekends and go back to work on Monday – leaving Josie alone. The stress of that might be enough trigger bad days. Kind of makes sense.

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