The hidden danger: stairs

After Josie’s last visit to the oncologist, I was diligent with carrying her down the stairs, to help her back heal. That lasted about one week – maybe two. She bounced back quickly thanks to the Tramadol.

Well, today I think she is officially done with stairs. First thing this morning, she was super eager to get down them and stumbled. The result was an epic fall/slide down almost the entire flight. I watched in horror from the top of the stairs, unable to help or protect her. When she reached the bottom, she was definitely shaken up.

I checked her out – she seemed fine. I gave her a dose of Tramadol, knowing the pain would kick in soon. Its been a few hours, and she seems fine. I’ll probably continue to give her Tramadol for a few days just in case.

As of today, I will be carrying her down the stairs to prevent any future tumbles. Here’s hoping a positive result from today is a lack of desire to go down stairs and maybe, just maybe, she’ll start to wait patiently for me to carry her.

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