One Year

I don’t remember the exact date that Josie’s nose started bleeding. But I remember the vet visit – and have the paperwork to prove it. So this marks one year since the vet visit for Josie’s first nosebleed.

One year since I was told she probably sniffed up a twig or a blade of grass. And not to worry – it was normal. One year since I was given tranquilizers to keep her calm while whatever it was had time to heal without being aggravated by sneezing or an active dog.

One year.

One friggin’ year.

All the stats state: “The median survival time of dogs with epistaxis is 88 days whereas those without epistaxis is 224 days.” Epistaxis is nosebleeds – so those are the numbers I would go by. They don’t really say when the 88 day count starts. But Josie has made it 365 days past when I took her to the vet for her first nosebleed.

Not too shabby.

Fight the good fight.

Carpe diem.

And all that jazz.

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  1. That’s because she has you!

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