Josie vs Ace

The old country vet’s solution for Josie’s nosebleed was Acepromazine, a tranquilizer along with an antibiotic. Josie had never been on tranquilizers before, so I took extra precautions to make sure she was ok.

Josie fought it. She did not want to sleep, but she didn’t want to do anything else. She laid around the house, barely able to walk, fighting to keep her eyes open.

At night, I always brought the dogs upstairs with me and left the door wide open. If they wanted to go downstairs and get food or water or sleep on the couch, that was fine by me. But with Josie on a tranquilizer, I envisioned her trying to go downstairs and having a nasty spill. The first night, I was smart and closed the door to prevent such an accident.

The second night, I forgot.

I woke up a curious sound:







When I came to my senses I realized it was a drugged Josie trying to make her way down stairs. I leapt out of bed just in time to watch my determined dog slowly make her way down the steps – one step at a time.

It was kind of amazing to watch. She took each step slowly and cautiously and successfully made it safely to the bottom.

At the bottom, she looked up at me with drunken eyes as if to say, “What? I gotta pee.” She stumbled over to the back door and laid down, waiting for me to open it.

After she was done, she barely made it in the door before laying down and falling asleep.

I carried her back upstairs, laid her in her bed.  This time I remembered to close the bedroom door.

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