Unexpected visitors

The dogs and I were relaxing last night, preparing for our upcoming three day weekend when I heard a car door slam shut. As I approached the front door to see who was out there, there was a knock – and then the dogs barked. Great watch dogs!

I was surprised to see an old college friend – and his entire family. He and his wife were house hunting and decided to swing by. I used to see them all the time. See, after college, we ended up working for the same company for six years. After he left for bigger and better opportunities, we didn’t stay in touch. I’d run into them occasionally, interestingly enough, at Home Depot. It was fun getting to see all his kids, all growed up. And the dogs did a great job entertaining them while I caught up with their parents.


Josie and Hollie. (2003)

We chatted for a bit, and eventually the topic turned to dogs. I was really happy to hear their dog, Hollie, was still trucking on at the old age of 14. We shared some tips on dealing with senior dogs – I really love sharing the pumpkin tip – it truly is amazing. Who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll reunite the two puppies and they can reminisce about their youth.

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