For years, I’ve hosted a cookout at my place for the 4th of July. I really looked forward to this year, as this may be the last one I get to celebrate with Josie.

When the first guest arrived, Bear and Josie quickly abandoned me and spent quality time getting love and attention from her. This routine went on the entire time my friends were over.
IMG_1952Over all, we had a great time with good food and good friends. We enjoyed watching the dogs play. A third dog, Owen, even joined us and Bear spent most of the day bugging him while Josie was on kid patrol. No child’s crumb would be left behind. She would see to that!

By the time everyone left, she was all tuckered out. Begging for food takes a lot out of her.
IMG_1961Best part – they all commented on how great Josie looked and was doing. She was full of energy – might have to do with all the food that was around. It was still encouraging to see her doing so good, and hearing it from other folks who don’t see her all the time.

Happy 4th everyone!

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One Response to Cookout

  1. ❤ So much fun! Both Josie and Bear really were the sweet, happy dogs I remembered them to be!

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