So how’s she really doing?

IMG_1951Ever since Josie’s last nosebleed, I’ve thought long and hard about how she is really doing. And I’m sure based on my posts, she sounds pretty rough. But this weekend was a nice reality check as my friends commented on how good she was doing. To encourage that further, she had her monthly check up today and along with the regular small talk about how she is doing, I had some specifics I wanted to discuss.

First – sure she has arthritis, and that causes pain – but does the nasal tumor cause pain? Dr. H explained that she checks a variety of things and puts pressure on various key spots on Josie’s face – including her snout, eyes, looks in her mouth. Josie shows no pain response – just mild annoyance.

Second – how does she compare to other dogs that she has seen with nasal tumors? We discussed this for a bit and Josie hits it out of the park. All of her symptoms are mild, and the tumor appears to be slow growth. It hasn’t broken through the roof of her mouth, caused her eye to bulge out or caused any outward disfiguration. She can breath with her mouth closed. She’s alert, curious and for the most part seems unbothered by the obstruction in her nose. Even when she has nosebleeds, she is more concerned with licking it all up than the fact that she is bleeding. So compared to other dogs, Josie is doing great!

This was very reassuring to hear. After her last nosebleed, I was getting a bit pessimistic about things. But in reality, Josie is doing well. Really well. And the goal of her treatment is maintaining her quality of life – and so far, that is working.

She did loose some more weight: she is down to 42.5 pounds. And we decided to keep her on a regular dose of Tramadol for her regular aches and pains. I’m thinking she is going to like that plan.

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