Nothing gets in the way of dinnertime

Right after I posted yesterday’s entry, I started making dinner. And by that, I mean I started giving the dogs their meds followed by their dinner. That was my plan. I got up from the couch and headed to the fridge and heard the familiar sound of a sneeze followed by licking.

Sure enough, Josie was sticking to her Monday pattern of nosebleeds. She was not going to let it get in her way of eating her meds or dinner. She started following me around the kitchen, tail wagging, ears up, eyes eager, blood dripping.

I put her outside while I got on some gloves and got her meds. As usual, she ate them and then looked at me asking where her dinner was. I decided she was going to eat her dinner outside. She had no problem with that – as long as she had her dinner.

Her nosebleed was pretty minor, more of an inconvenience throughout the night than anything else. But her attitude throughout it solidified the idea that she is doing good. She really did care less about it – she was more concerned with dinner. And doing her business outside. And having me pet her head and ears. Bleeding nose – not on the list.

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