Scrum dog

Josie came to work with me today. It was awesome.

Her results were back and the urine was abnormal so they requested I get a sterile sample done. As we were returning home, I realized we would be passing the office at the same time as our daily 15 minute stand up (called a scrum). So we stopped.

She had a blast. Everyone kept trying to get me to let her stay for the day. And they all loved her different color eyes. Anyone who passed by and gave me a weird look, I simply told them she was our new team member.

Before we left, the scrum master once again tried to get me to let her stay instead of taking her home. I offered him the leash, telling him to take her to his next scrum – she could be the “scrum dog” for the office. He declined – but he was tempted.

She’d probably be happy at the office all day every day – she’s very social. And well behaved. And I work for the best company ever, so most people would be okay with it – but I’m sure someone would complain. Bummer too, because she would definitely keep my stress levels down.

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