Unexplainable … so far

If you recall, Josie’s recent trip to the office was because she needed a have a sterile urine sample taken. The vet had the lab do a culture and sensitivity done on it. This is all because her last urine sample had some protein in it. There are two possible reasons: a UTI or kidney problems.

The results of the culture are back. Nothing grew. That rules out a UTI.

For right now, the oncologist is fine with waiting until her next visit to do additional protein related tests to make sure her kidneys are okay.

I did ask if there was anything I should watch for: increased drinking and urination.

I gently pointed out she already had that due to the prednisone, but I’ll keep an eye out incase it gets worse.

Oh the joys of having a senior dog.

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2 Responses to Unexplainable … so far

  1. It does get increasingly difficult. I know from Mya living with us. The only good thing about it is that when you look back on all of this, you will know that you always did everything you could for Josie. Someone else may have dropped her at the shelter by now. You are a great mom! <3, Noodle

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