Add one more medicine to the list

Josie has had diarrhea off and on since starting metronomic chemo. Most of the times, I’m pretty sure it was caused by her inability to not eat random things she finds in the yard. And most of it has been controlled by adding some pumpkin to her diet. It’s a treat she likes so much that she won’t touch her food until I add a scoop of pumpkin. Bear too.

That was until tonight. She had a minor case of diarrhea that started yesterday. I had neglected her daily pumpkin for a few days – something I usually do when one can runs out before I open the next one (I’m lazy). I attributed the diarrhea to the fact that I had caught her earlier in the day chowing down on dirt in one of the old garden beds. This is what happens when I leave her alone for a few seconds in the yard.

It appeared to be getting better and she was slowly returning to normal.

Until just now.

She ran to the back door – something she doesn’t do. I put her outside, and followed with a flashlight, since it is well past dark.  She took the time to pee. And then sought out a spot to do the rest of her business – which was a just a stream of brown water.

Poor puppy.

I broke out big guns: Metronidazole

It is supposed to help with diarrhea – fingers crossed it helps.

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4 Responses to Add one more medicine to the list

  1. Prayers for Josie to feel better soon *ear licks* Noodle

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