More water is never a bad thing

I have water bowls in two places for the dogs. One in Josie’s area, for when she is locked up. Another next to Bear’s food bowl. For years, this has worked well to keep my puppies hydrated.

Over the past few months, with Josie on prednisone, her thirst has definitely increased. It has gotten to the point that she’ll wake me up in the middle of the night. Oddly enough, her priority is not to go outside but to drink. And drink a lot. Sometimes consuming an entire bowl of water.

I had a brillant idea to solve this problem – water bowl upstairs with us at night. If she can drink a little when she first gets thirsty, it might help. At first, I had resisted the idea, assuming it would just increase the middle of the night bathroom adventures. But it was to point that it was worth trying to see if it would actually help.

IMG_1988To Amazon I went – in search of the perfect bowl. Sure I could run out to the store, but I’m super lazy.

I found a bowl, glanced at the dimensions to ensure it wasn’t a tiny cat bowl and ordered it. It arrived two days later.

I need to learn to pay attention to dimensions. Large dimensions I can comprehend – comes from building things. 8 feet, 10 feet, 16 feet – I see that. I can visualize. Smaller dimensions – not so much. The base of the bowl is 13″ – doesn’t sound very big. I also didn’t notice it holds 96 ounces.

When it arrived, I starting laughing as soon as I opened it up. It is HUGE.  Comically huge.

Josie doesn’t seem to mind. I left it downstairs for the dogs to share and moved one of the normal size bowls upstairs with us for nighttime.

So far it is working – Josie hasn’t asked to go out in the middle of the night since I got it. I do hear her get up to drink though – just a couple laps of water then she goes back to bed. No devouring the bowl.

I should have done this months ago.

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3 Responses to More water is never a bad thing

  1. Ordering from Amazon is WAY better than going to the store. On so many levels.

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