The metronidazole and the bland diet of boiled chicken, rice and pumpkin worked wonders for Josie. It actually worked too good. I ended up with a constipated dog.

I’ve never seen a dog constipated before.

It set in a day or so after I stopped giving her metronidazole. I was already working on switching her back to her regular diet – something she wasn’t thrilled about. She really liked the chicken.

Once I realized her system was stalled, I tried a couple things:

  • Walking – I made her go on a walk. I made sure to take a route she likes. She actually trotted most of the way (all voluntarily).
  • Green Beans – I love adding green beans to the dogs’ diet. It gives them nice soft coat, and it helps them loose a few pounds (if they need to). It apparently can help with constipation.
  • Pumpkin – It works for both diarrhea and constipation. So, she always gets a little bit of this. This isn’t really something I tried – it was just something I continued to do.

Well, thankfully, after a little over a day of watching Josie try her best to go – her system is finally moving again. And she has a lot in there to get out. Its in overdrive now. Every chance she gets, she poops – nice healthy looking poops too (I know – TMI).

And she seems a lot more comfortable too.

Only took about a week – but I think her GI issues have settled – for now. Until she finds something else in the yard to eat.

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