Convincing a dog to eat again

After Josie and I returned home from our trip to the oncologist, I made my way to the store to pick up some cat food and canned dog food. I am extremely particular about what I feed my dogs. Because of this, I spent more time than I will admit starring at the options of cat food. The dog food was even harder because my local store only had very crappy options. Given this isn’t a long term solution, I ended up just settling for a couple of cans of random cat food and crappy canned dog food.

Josie’s breakfast was still scattered around her bowl. I returned them to the bowl, opened a can of cat food and mixed in a small portion before placing it down in front of her.

She devoured it – but still managed to spit out some pieces of dry food. Despite that, she did eat a majority of the dry food and that was my goal.

Dinner was the same.

Breakfast the next morning, I upped her dry food intake, returning it back to the original amount she ate when she maintained a 50 pound weight. At this point, I will settle for an overweight dog instead of a skeleton, although my goal for her is 45 pounds. She ate most of it – but still spit out a handful of dry pieces. She went back to the bowl a few times during the morning only to pick each piece up and spit it back out.

IMG_2052When dinner time rolled around, I mixed in some canned dog food (instead of cat) – just enough to coat all the dry food. She gobbled most of it up – only leaving a small fraction of the dry food scattered around her bowl.

Looks like mixing dry and can dog food might be the new norm. Not entirely happy about that. But, until she gets her weight back up, I’ll do it.

Once she is back to normal, I’ll try weaning her off the can. The plan will be to only have the food out during set breakfast and dinner times. If she doesn’t eat, she doesn’t eat. Maybe she’ll learn to eat what I give her when its available.

Overall, I’m happy with how much she has eaten. Fingers crossed it gets her weight back up. But there is a part of me that thinks this isn’t just the Palladia – I think she is just being picky now that she knows there’s good stuff out there to eat.

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3 Responses to Convincing a dog to eat again

  1. My dogs are not ill, but they will not anything that is not covered with bit of wet food.

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    • The Admiral says:

      I’m pretty sure right now she is just holding out for canned food – now that she has tasted it. Once her weight bounces back up, I’m sure it will be a battle to get the old Josie back who will eat her dry food without complaint.


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